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Vendor: Aruba
Exam Code: ACMA_6.3
Exam Name: Aruba Certified Mobility Associate 6.3


Where in the controller would we configure a wireless network NOT to use encryption?

A.    AAA profile
B.    SSID profile
C.    ARM profile
D.    Radio profile
E.    VAP profile

Answer: B

Firewall rules contain the following fields, except?

A.    Action
B.    Destination
C.    Service
D.    Mirror
E.    Policy

Answer: E

What are the serial console commands used to factory default an AP?

A.    Purge, save, reload
B.    Purge, save, boot
C.    Write erase all
D.    Purge restart
E.    Purge, write mem, reload

Answer: B

Which of the following parameters is not needed by Visual RF Plan in order to Plan APs on a floor region?

A.    AP Type
B.    PHY Type
C.    Distance to Controller
D.    Environment
E.    Desired Data Rate

Answer: C

Identify the benefits of using aliases when writing firewall policies (Select three)

A.    Makes policies more readable.
B.    Changes to policy rules that use aliases are auto updated.
C.    End users are applied to the proper role.
D.    Can be applied to a Role
E.    Simplifies repetitive configuration.

Answer: ABE

Which of the following is true of an Aruba Mobility Controller acting as a layer 2 switch? (Select two):

A.    The Mobility Controller is the client’s default router.
B.    The Mobility Controller acts as a bridge.
C.    All stations must use the same VLAN
D.    Uplink ports on the Mobility Controller can use 802.1q tagging
E.    VLANs cannot have IP addresses

Answer: BD

In the startup wizard the ports configuration screen allows you to do the following (Select three)?

A.    Identify trunk ports
B.    Configure port channels
C.    Assign VLANs
D.    Identify the native VLAN for a port
E.    Specify the IP address of the Vlan

Answer: ACD

The characteristics of 802.1X Authentication include (Select three):

A.    L3 Authentication
B.    Extensible Authentication Protocol
C.    Support of RADIUS external authentication
D.    Port based authentication
E.    EAP terminates on authenticator

Answer: BCD

FQLN can be set for an AP: (Select two)

A.    At the factory
B.    During AP provisioning
C.    Using the FQLN mapper tool
D.    By DHCP when an address is requested
E.    Using the AP wizard

Answer: BC

In what formats can Visual RF Plan export a Bill of Material (Select two)?

A.    Microsoft Excel
B.    CSV database format
C.    Microsoft Word
D.    HTML
E.    MySQL

Answer: CD

Which of the following is NOT available for configuration in the startup wizard?

A.    RF Plan
B.    Administrator and enable passwords
C.    Native VLANs on a per port basis
D.    WPA-PSK encryption
E.    Radius Server

Answer: A

Remote AP in tunnel mode, by default, uses which of the following to encrypt user traffic back to the mobility controller?

A.    L2TP over IPSec is used to carry user traffic and control traffic
B.    PPTP is used to tunnel user traffic
C.    The AP does not encrypt user traffic. The user’s link layer encryption is used.
D.    Remote AP traffic is unencrypted
E.    Certificate based tunnel

Answer: C

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