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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-N49
Exam Name: Selling HP Business Service Management Solutions


According to an independent study by Gartner Research relating to the market drivers for an Operations Bridge solution, what percentage of the IT budget will most organizations typically spend on operating costs for their data center?

A.    Less than 15 percent
B.    Approximately 25 percent
C.    Approximately 50 percent
D.    Approximately 75 percent

Answer: B

Which HP BSM persona is most likely to manage subject matter experts that make up the network and application monitoring teams?

A.    director of distributed systems
B.    VP of operations
C.    director of service management
D.    director of applications support

Answer: C

What does HP APM monitor in order to improve application performance so that it aligns with business goals and service objectives?

A.    Internet connectivity
B.    User experience
C.    Cloud activity
D.    Virtual device performance

Answer: B
Explanation: (HP Applications performance management, second para)

With which persona should a salesperson discuss HP Operations Bridge relating to “excessive time to identify root cause of issues caused by non-standard network configurations” pain points?

A.    director of service management
B.    director of operations
C.    director of mobile applications
D.    director of distributed systems

Answer: B

In addition to the director of operations, which personas should a salesperson include as key influences when discussing an HP Operations Bridge solution? (Select three.)

A.    mobile applications administrator
B.    director of service management
C.    director of quality assurance
D.    LOB manager for applications support
E.    director of distributed systems
F.    director of performance testing

Answer: BEF

With which persona should a salesperson discuss centralizing infrastructure monitoring around a common tool set?

A.    director of mobile applications
B.    director of performance testing
C.    director of applications monitoring
D.    director of operations

Answer: C

Which additional personas are key influencers on a potential infrastructure management solution sale with the director of operations? (Select three.)

A.    H VP of applications
B.    LOB manager for application support
C.    security analyst
D.    database administrator
E.    QA test director
F.    Windows administration manager

Answer: CDF

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