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Oracle Web Services Manager uses an agent-based approach to providing Web Services security. Where are these agents deployed?
A.    In any IPv4 of Later network firewall
B.    In the Oracle WebLogic Server Web Service request Interceptors
C.    In the Oracle Service Bus proxy pipeline
D.    In the Oracle Access Manager web gate
E.    In the Oracle WebLogic Server access gate

Answer: D

Your company has decided to create an Enterprise Architecture following. The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF). Which option best describes how the IT Strategies from Oracle (ITSO) library of material relates to this TOGAF-based Initiative?

A.    ITSO has minimal applicability because TOGAF is a complete architecture framework.
B.    The ITSO material can be used as reference material within the TOGAF approach.
C.    The TOGAF approach will need to be modified (customized) to incorporate the ITSO material.
D.    The ITSO material will need to be adapted to the TOGAF approach.
E.    TOGAF and ITSO are mutually exclusive. One or the other must be chosen as the basis for the company’s Enterprise Architecture.

Answer: A

Which of the following are strategies for alert management with Oracle Enterprise Manager?

A.    controlling the volume of alerts
B.    removing unwanted alerts
C.    centralized filtering of alerts
D.    automating fix for common alerts

Answer: BD

Which of the following token profiles is not included in the WS-Security standard as a standard type of identity token?

A.    XACML token profile
B.    SAML token profile
C.    username token profile
D.    Kerberos token profile
E.    X.500 token profile

Answer: A

Which of the following is NOT defined as a primary ORA computing foundation component?

A.    Distributed Computing
B.    Utility Computing
C.    Grid Computing
D.    Caching

Answer: D

Which of the following capabilities are provided by containers?

A.    Transaction Support
B.    Security Support
C.    Thread Management
D.    Business Processes

Answer: ABC

Which of the following Oracle products provides a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE)?

A.    Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse
B.    Oracle JDeveloper
C.    Oracle Service Registry
D.    Enterprise Manager

Answer: AB

Which of the following statements best describes how the deployment supports closed-loop governance?

A.    The Metadata Repository is integrated with the operational systems to link operational metrics to the assets to ensure that the assets perform as intended.
B.    The Metadata Repositories deployed in each environment are chained to share asset usage information.
C.    A closed-loop governance framework is deployed on a clustered server to monitor the governance activities.
D.    Production systems are integrated to the developer desktops to validate the requirements against the implemented code.

Answer: BC

Which of the following are common uses of an Attribute Service?

A.    to maintain metadata pertaining to audit log entries and attestation reports
B.    to acquire data that are necessary to make access-control decisions
C.    to securely supply personally identifiable information to applications
D.    to determine which security policy is assigned to a Web Service

Answer: BC

Conventional Management and Monitoring tools focus and produce metrics on which one of the following?

A.    holistically across heterogeneous systems
B.    metrics that measure individual resources
C.    metrics that focus on understanding the relationship and Interactions between component
D.    metrics that capture the combined behavior of several components interacting with the shared component

Answer: B
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