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Which Navisphere Event Monitor model uses an SP agent to monitor only the storage system on which the SP agent resides?

A.    Individual
B.    Enterprise
C.    Distributed
D.    Centralized

Answer: C

THB Corporation has a database consisting of one log LUN and four data LUNs. The company plans to mirror the database to two remote locations with MirrorView/S. How should it plan to maintain the consistency of the database?

A.    Create a MirrorView/S consistency group, and ensure that all five mirrors are members of the consistency group
B.    Consistency cannot be maintained with MirrorView/S. They should consider MirrorView/A with consistency groups
C.    Consistency cannot be maintained because MirrorView/S does not support consistency groups with two secondary images
D.    Consistency cannot be maintained because MirrorView/S does not support consistency groups where log LUNs are members

Answer: C

What is a valid Navisphere CLI command?

A.    navicli getlun -h
B.    navicli -d getlun -rg
C.    navicli -h getlun -rg
D.    java.jar navicli -address metalun

Answer: C

The CFM Corporation believes its data is going through the wrong switch in the fabric. They put a protocol analyzer online to capture the output. Where should they look to see if the data is being routed incorrectly?

A.    The fourth byte of the destination WWPN
B.    The eighth byte of the destination WWPN
C.    The first byte of the destination Fibre Channel address
D.    The second byte of the destination Fibre Channel address

Answer: C

Which option is selectable in the Create RAID Group dialogue box?

A.    RAID Type
B.    RAID Group ID
C.    Enable Write Cache
D.    Manual Destroy after LUN is unbound

Answer: B

What is one way a Snapshot provides a “point-in-time” view of a source LUN?

A.    By writing the new data to the Reserved LUN pool each time it changes
B.    By writing the new data to the Reserved LUN pool the first time it changes
C.    By copying the original data to the Reserved LUN pool the first time it changes
D.    By limiting the number of Snapshots to eight that can be assigned to a LUN at the same time

Answer: C

What is an attribute of a Clone Private LUN?

A.    Contains Fracture Logs
B.    Contains Write Intent Logs
C.    Must be the same RAID type as the source LUN
D.    Shared by both storage processors simultaneously

Answer: A

The VisualSRM agent installation can be performed locally on each host. What other method can be used for installation?

A.    pkgadd utility
B.    Pull installation
C.    Push installation
D.    At system reboot

Answer: C

What is a characteristic of Event Monitor?

A.    Integrated with Navisphere Manager
B.    Loaded as a separately purchased NDU
C.    Monitors for hardware-related events only
D.    Monitors only for Navisphere defined events

Answer: A

Which function is disabled when PowerPath is installed without a license key?

A.    Failover
B.    Multipathing
C.    LUNZ functionality
D.    Access to peer SP paths

Answer: B

Which feature does the PowerPath GUI provide to users?

A.    Change the failover policy of a LUN
B.    Change the CLARiiON SP from active to standby
C.    Provide the CLARiiON with active-active failover policy D.PowerPath is required for a host to connect to a storage group

Answer: A

Which feature best describes the PSM LUN on the CX series?

A.    Each SP accesses its own copy
B.    Default size is 2GB on a CX array
C.    Not viewable in Navisphere Manager
D.    Created after array initialization by the user

Answer: C

In an Emulex HBA Solaris host Installation, which file is edited to force the host to perform a Fabric login to a switch?

A.    sd.conf
B.    lpfc.conf
C.    lputil.conf
D.    /etc/system

Answer: B

What is a feature of Access Logix?

A.    LUN Masking
B.    Controls access to data through file locking
C.    Masks host WWNs via Access Control lists
D.    Restricts one host at a time to accessing one LUN at a time

Answer: A

How does a SAN Copy session failover upon SP failure?

A.    Automatically, via PowerPath
B.    Manually, via user intervention
C.    Conditionally, via host intervention
D.    Automatically, via storage system redundancy

Answer: B
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