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QUESTION 61Scenario: Thin clients with locally attached USB HP printers are used in the labs on a university campus. A Citrix Administrator configures the thin clients to connect to server OS machines. The IT director does NOT want to overload the server OS machines with non-native printer drivers. The IT director also wants to control

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QUESTION 51Scenario: A Citrix Administrator implements StoreFront to replace Web Interface in an environment. The IT director wants to upgrade the version of Receiver on all workstations. Which two components could the administrator use to deploy Receiver? (Choose two.) A.    StoreFrontB.    Group PolicyC.    AppControllerD.    Delivery Controller Answer: AB QUESTION 52Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is configuring

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QUESTION 41Which file should a Citrix Administrator edit to configure log settings on the StoreFront server? A.    web.configB.    global.aspxC.    logout.aspxD.    default.html Answer: A QUESTION 42Scenario: A Citrix Administrator provisions 50 server OS machines to host applications. The administrator assigns a delivery group to the machine catalog containing the server OS machines. When viewing the delivery

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QUESTION 31A Citrix Administrator is unable to create desktop OS machines using Machine Creation Services.What is a possible cause of the issue? A.    Citrix Director is unreachable.B.    DHCP is NOT working correctly.C.    The Machine Identity Service is NOT running.D.    Antivirus software on the Delivery Controller is blocking the creation. Answer: C QUESTION 32Scenario: A Citrix

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QUESTION 21Which two steps must a Citrix Administrator take to adjust the size of a vDisk assigned to a server OS machine? (Choose two.) A.    Create a new vDisk.B.    Edit properties of the vDisk.C.    Edit the .PVP file with Notepad.D.    Use BNImage to reverse the image.E.     Mount the vDisk on the Provisioning Server. Answer: AD

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QUESTION 11An Citrix Administrator needs to create a catalog. Provisioning services-based virtual machines will be imported into the catalog. Which machine type must the administrator select when creating the catalog? A.    PooledB.    ExistingC.    StreamedD.    Dedicated Answer: C QUESTION 12Which two methods could a Citrix Administrator use to ensure that users are able to launch multiple

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QUESTION 1A Citrix Administrator turned on Provisioning Services auditing. Changes made in the __________, __________ and __________ will be recorded. (Choose the three correct locations to complete the sentence.) A.    MCLIB.    SOAP ServerC.    Provisioning Services ConsoleD.    Provisioning Services BOOTPTAB EditorE.     Provisioning Services Boot Device Manager Answer: ABC QUESTION 2Which PowerShell commandlet should a Citrix Administrator

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QUESTION 91A network engineer has started at a new company and has been instructed to restrict access to an external facing VIP to selected third party clients, based on their source IP address range. What could the engineer do to accomplish this task?

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QUESTION 61Scenario: A network engineer has created an SSL offload virtual server. The virtual server shows as a DOWN state. Which two scenarios could cause the virtual server showing as DOWN? (Choose two.)

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QUESTION 51Scenario: A network engineer needs to implement high availability (HA) for a pair of NetScaler appliances. The existing appliance was recently restarted and the new appliance has been rack mounted and turned on for several weeks waiting to be configured. The engineer needs to create an HA pair, but is concerned that his original

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QUESTION 41A network engineer is troubleshooting a situation where ARP requests for IPs in other subnets (for example are appearing in the subnet. Which command could the engineer run on the NetScaler to verify IP to VLAN bindings?

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QUESTION 31Scenario: Company Inc. wants to tag incoming requests with a header that indicates which browser is being used on the connection. This helps the server keep track of the browsers after the NetScaler has delivered the connections to the back end. The engineer should create __________ actions to __________. (Choose the correct set of

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QUESTION 21Scenario: An engineer has configured an SSL virtual server and has bound a service group of type HTTP containing several servers. The service group is UP but the virtual server is in a DOWN state. The engineer has verified that the SSL feature is enabled. What should the engineer do to ensure that the

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QUESTION 11Scenario: A network engineer has configured a load balancing virtual server for an HTTP application. Due to the application architecture, it is imperative that a user’s session remains on a single server during the session. The session has an idle timeout of 60 minutes. Some devices are getting inconsistent application access while most are

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QUESTION 1Which type of authentication server could an engineer configure in order to provide the use of RSA token authentication as a permitted authentication method to access a AAA Virtual Server? A.    LDAPB.    SAMLC.    RADIUSD.    Negotiate Answer: C