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Scenario: A network engineer has created two selectors to use to populate a cache group in integrated caching.
One selector, “Hit,” will determine what to add to the group. The other, “Inval”, will select what should be invalidated.
Which command should the engineer run to create the cache group?

A.    add cache contentgroup CacheGroup1 -hitParams Hit -invalParam Inval
B.    add cache contentgroup CacheGroup1 -hitSelector Hit -invalSelector Inval
C.    set cache contentgroup CacheGroup1 – hitParams Hit -invalParam Inval -type HTTP
D.    set cache contentgroup CacheGroup1 -hitSelector Hit – invalSelector Inval -type HTTP

Answer: B

Scenario: An organization has recently been penetration-tested by a security company. The findings have indicated that the NetScaler device is responding to requests revealing web server information within the HTTP response headers.
Which NetScaler feature can a network engineer use to prevent this information from being leaked to a potential malicious user?

A.    Rewrite
B.    Responder
C.    Web Logging
D.    URL Transformation

Answer: A

Scenario: Company Inc. wants to tag incoming requests with a header that indicates which browser is being used on the connection. This helps the server keep track of the browsers after the NetScaler has delivered the connections to the back end.
The engineer should create __________ actions to __________. (Choose the correct set of options to complete the sentence.)

A.    rewrite; insert tags on the client header
B.    responder; separate the client requests
C.    rewrite; insert tags on the server response
D.    responder; filter the browser type on the client header

Answer: A

Which step could a network engineer take to prevent brute force logon attacks?

A.    Enable the Rate Limiting feature.
B.    Enable the AAA Application feature.
C.    Configure the Access Gateway policies.
D.    Configure the Cache redirection policies.

Answer: A

A network engineer should enable the Rate Limiting feature of a NetScaler system to mitigate the threat of __________ attack. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    reverse proxying
B.    Java decompilation
C.    source code disclosure
D.    brute force logon attacks

Answer: D

Which NetScaler feature could be used to stall policy processing to retrieve information from an external server?

A.    Responder
B.    HTTP callout
C.    AppExpert template
D.    EdgeSight monitoring

Answer: B

An engineer has bound three monitors to a service group and configured each of the monitors with a weight of 10.
How should the engineer ensure that the members of the service group are marked as DOWN when at least two monitors fail?

A.    Re-configure the weight of each monitor to 0.
B.    Configure the service group with a threshold of 21.
C.    Configure the service group with a threshold of 20.
D.    Re-configure the weight of each monitor to 5, and configure the service group threshold to 15.

Answer: C

A network engineer has noted that the primary node in an HA pair has been alternating as many as three times a day due to intermittent issues.
What should the engineer configure to ensure that HA failures are alerted?

A.    LACP
B.    SNMP
C.    Route monitors
D.    Failover Interface Set

Answer: B

The disk is full on a NetScaler appliance but NO alerts were generated by the SNMP traps.
What is the likely cause of this failed alert?

A.    Auditing is not enabled.
B.    EdgeSight monitoring is not configured.
C.    The threshold was not set for the alarm.
D.    Health monitoring has not been enabled.

Answer: C

What type of protocol does AppFlow use for reporting?

A.    TCP
B.    UDP
C.    HTTP

Answer: B

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