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Scenario: A NetScaler engineer is adding a new SSL certificate to a NetScaler device. During the process the engineer receives an error message:
“Certificate with key size greater than RSA512 or DSA512 bits not supported.”
The same process has been followed previously on the same model of NetScaler successfully.
What is the likely cause of this error?

A.    The certificate hostname is invalid.
B.    RSA authentication has been added to the VIP.
C.    The NetScaler has not been licensed correctly.
D.    The CSR has not been submitted to the certificate authority.

Answer: C

Scenario: A network engineer needs to generate a certificate on the NetScaler appliance. The environment requires a private key with 4096-bit encryption.
To generate a new SSL certificate from a NetScaler Appliance, the engineer must first create __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    CSR
B.    DSA key
C.    RSA key
D.    Diffie-Hellman key

Answer: C

Scenario: An engineer has configured an SSL virtual server and has bound a service group of type HTTP containing several servers. The service group is UP but the virtual server is in a DOWN state. The engineer has verified that the SSL feature is enabled.
What should the engineer do to ensure that the virtual server shows as UP?

A.    Add a monitor that checks for HTTP.
B.    Change the service group to type SSL.
C.    Bind an SSL certificate to the virtual server.
D.    Configure the service group to use port 443.
E.    Change the monitor for a larger time out period.

Answer: C

Users have reported that they are receiving a confusing error message related to SSL sessions when connecting from older browsers.
How could the network engineer present this error to users in a customized format?

A.    Enable the SSL v2 protocol.
B.    Set a URL on the backup virtual server.
C.    Add a redirect URL to the virtual server.
D.    Configure SSL v2 Redirection for the virtual server.

Answer: D

A network engineer must determine which SSL protocols are enabled on a virtual server named SSL01.
Which command could the engineer run to see this information?

A.    Show ssl stats
B.    Show server SSL01
C.    Show vServer SSL01
D.    Show ssl vServer SSL01

Answer: D

The security department just conducted a penetration test on the published virtual servers and all of the SSL virtual servers returned the result “Allowed changing to weak certificate standard” in the report.
The reason for this result could be that the network engineer who configured the virtual servers forgot to __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    block TLSv1
B.    apply the SSL policy
C.    configure the HIGH Cipher group only
D.    configure the DEFAULT Cipher group only

Answer: C

Which policy expression must an engineer use to enable compression for javascript files?

A.    HTTP.RES.BODY(0).CONTAINS(“javascript”)
B.    HTTP.REQ.BODY(0).CONTAINS(“javascript”)
C.    HTTP.RES.HEADER(“Content-Type”).CONTAINS(“javascript”)
D.    HTTP.REQ.HEADER(“Content-Type”).CONTAINS(“javascript”)

Answer: C

Which expression must an engineer use to prevent compression of Cascading Style Sheets?

A.    HTTP.RES.BODY(0).CONTAINS(“text/css”)
B.    HTTP.REQ.BODY(0).CONTAINS(“text/css”)
C.    HTTP.RES.HEADER(“Content-Type”).CONTAINS(“text/css”)
D.    HTTP.REQ.HEADER(“Content-Type”).CONTAINS(“text/css”)

Answer: C

The purpose of pre-fetch in integrated caching is to automatically __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    refresh a cached object before expiring
B.    fetch objects from the forwarding cache before expiring
C.    retrieve all objects on a published website after a policy is applied
D.    retrieve an object in the expression from a website after a policy is applied

Answer: A

What is the purpose of the flash cache option in integrated caching?

A.    To completely wipe a cache group when the targeted selector is hit in the cache
B.    To use the flash memory for storage for a specific cache group to improve performance
C.    To queue simultaneous requests of an object and answer all with the same response from the server
D.    To answer the client request without checking if the object has expired, objects are checked periodically

Answer: C

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