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Scenario: A NetScaler appliance currently has a manually configured channel containing four interfaces; however, the engineer has been told that the NetScaler must now only use a single interface for this network. The engineer removes the channel and immediately notices a decrease in network performance.
How could the engineer resolve this issue?

A.    Reset the unused interfaces
B.    Disable the unused interfaces
C.    Enable flow control on all interfaces
D.    Disable HA monitoring on the three interfaces that are no longer required

Answer: B

Scenario: A NetScaler engineer needs to enable access to some web servers running on an IPv6- only network. The clients connecting the services are on an IPv4 network. The engineer has already enabled IPv6 on the NetScaler.
What does the engineer need to do in order to provide access to the services on the IPv6 network?

A.    Create an IPv6 tunnel and a IPv4 virtual server.
B.    Configure an IPv6 VLAN and bind the required interface.
C.    Create a IPv4 virtual server and bind the service group to it.
D.    Create an IPv6 ACL and a IPv4 virtual server and bind the ACL to the virtual server.

Answer: C

Scenario: A network engineer created an IPv6 virtual server on the NetScaler. The virtual server is using a service group with two IPv4 servers bound to it. When testing access to the virtual server from a client configured with an IPv6 address, he is unable to connect.
What could be the reason for this issue?

A.    The NetScaler is disabled for NAT.
B.    IPv6 protocol translation is disabled.
C.    An IPv6 address on the NetScaler is not bound to the correct VLAN.
D.    The NetScaler does not have an INAT rule to convert IPv4 to IPv6 from the back-end servers.

Answer: B

Scenario: An engineer executes the following commands:
add vlan 2
bind vlan 2 -ifnum 1/2
add ns ip
bind vlan 2 -IPAddress
What type of IP address has been added to the NetScaler?

A.    VIP address
B.    NSIP address
C.    SNIP address
D.    GSLB Site IP address

Answer: C

Scenario: A NetScaler engineer is on the phone with Technical Support to troubleshoot an issue. The NetScaler engineer generated a support archive and needs to send the file to the Technical Support Specialist to help resolve the problem with the appliance.
In which directory could the engineer retrieve the information?

A.    /nsconfig
B.    /var/crash
C.    /var/nstrace
D.    /var/tmp/support

Answer: D

Scenario: A network engineer has bound a service group containing four web servers to a virtual server. The virtual server is UP but users report that they are unable to access the virtual server.
In order to troubleshoot this issue, the engineer should use telnet from __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    a PC to the virtual IP address
B.    a PC to the subnet IP address
C.    a PC to the mapped IP address
D.    the NetScaler shell to one of the web servers

Answer: A

How could a network engineer gather detailed network information?

A.    System node -> Diagnostics -> Call home
B.    System node -> Diagnostics -> Start new trace
C.    System node -> Diagnostics -> Show techsupport
D.    System node -> Diagnostics -> Show running vs saved config

Answer: B

Scenario: A security test has shown that the NetScaler is forwarding IP packets. Company standard operating procedure is that the routers should be the only devices forwarding packets.
Which step should the network engineer take to prevent forwarding packets?

A.    Enable Layer 2 mode.
B.    Disable Layer 3 mode.
C.    Disable Path MTU Discovery.
D.    Enable MAC based forwarding.

Answer: B

An engineer has bound a policy to a test virtual server.
How could the engineer verify that the policy is being applied?

A.    Monitor the number of hits for the policy.
B.    Monitor the number of hits for the virtual server.
C.    Enable the AppFlow logging option for the virtual server.
D.    Ensure the policy has a greater priority value than other policies bound to the test virtual server.
Answer: A

Scenario: An engineer implementing a NetScaler is tasked with creating a new VLAN, named VLAN 2, and adding it to the current interfaces. A new IP address of with a network mask of must be configured for VLAN 2.
Which commands could the engineer use to achieve this configuration in the command-line interface prior to binding VLAN 2?

A.    add ns ip
add vlan 2
B.    set vlan 2 -aliasName VLAN2
add ns ip
C.    add ns ip -vrID 2
D.    add ns ip -type SNIP
set ns ip -vrID 2

Answer: A

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