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A Citrix Engineer receives reports of connection failures from client sessions.
How could the engineer quickly view failures for the entire Site?

A.    Use Citrix Director to view session trends.
B.    Use Citrix Director to view connection trends.
C.    Use Citrix Studio to view user logon information.
D.    Use Citrix Studio to view machine catalog status.

Answer: B

Which component is automatically enabled by the installer when a Citrix Engineer installs the Virtual Delivery Agent for Windows Server machines?

A.    Receiver
B.    EdgeSight Agent
C.    Boot Device Manager
D.    Remote Desktop Services

Answer: D

Scenario: The emergency response staff travel to different hospitals and can connect to their hosted applications from their main office location. Several of the emergency response staff are also supervisors, and are members of both the Emergency Response Staff Active Directory group and the Emergency Response Staff Supervisors Active Directory group.
A Citrix Engineer views the relevant policies currently configured in Citrix Studio, which are ordered and filtered as follows.
Policy A (priority 1) Client Printer Redirection: Allowed. Auto-create the client’s default printer only:
Allowed. Filtered on Emergency Response Staff
Policy B (priority 2) Do not auto-create client printers: Allowed. Filtered on Domain Users
Policy C (priority 3) Client Printer Redirection: Allowed. Auto-create all client printers automatically:
Allowed. Filtered on Emergency Response Staff Supervisors
The emergency response staff supervisors require that all of their printers be mapped for their session; however, the other response staff only need their default printer mapped. The filter groups will remain the same.
How should the engineer prioritize the policies? (The policies below are listed in order of priority
from highest (left) to lowest (right).)

A.    Policy A, Policy B, Policy C
B.    Policy A, Policy C, Policy B
C.    Policy C, Policy A, Policy B
D.    Policy B, Policy C, Policy A

Answer: C

A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy the Universal Print Server functionality.
Which policy should the Citrix Engineer configure to use the Universal Print Server for this environment?

A.    Universal printing only
B.    Universal print driver usage
C.    Universal Print Server enable
D.    Universal printing only if requested driver is unavailable

Answer: C

A user logs on to a Citrix StoreFront store through NetScaler and launches a virtual desktop.
What is the communication flow between Citrix Receiver and the Virtual Delivery Agent once the user is logged on to the virtual desktop?

A.    Citrix Receiver -> Virtual Delivery Agent
B.    Citrix Receiver -> NetScaler -> Virtual Delivery Agent
C.    Citrix Receiver -> Delivery Controller -> Virtual Delivery Agent
D.    Citrix Receiver -> NetScaler -> Citrix StoreFront -> Virtual Delivery Agent

Answer: B

Which step must a Citrix Engineer take to create an isolated network that only allows communication within one XenServer instance?

A.    Add a new internal network.
B.    Set up a VLAN using an existing NIC.
C.    Select network 0 in the network properties.
D.    Ensure that at least two NICs are configured as a bond.

Answer: A

A Citrix Engineer needs to grant Help Desk staff access to install software in master images but does NOT want to grant them Full administrative rights.
Which built-in administrative role should the engineer assign to the Help Desk staff?

A.    Host Administrator
B.    Delivery Administrator
C.    Help Desk Administrator
D.    Machine Catalog Administrator

Answer: D

Four Delivery Groups are configured in the CCH environment.
What is the minimum required Citrix role permission for shadowing user sessions in the pooled desktop Delivery Group?

A.    Full Administrator
B.    Help Desk Administrator
C.    Read-Only Administrator
D.    Delivery Group Administrator

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to reduce the amount of network traffic between the host and network storage. To accomplish this, the engineer needs to utilize IntelliCache on a XenServer host that runs multiple pooled static desktop OS machines.
Which type of storage repository should the engineer use to meet this requirement?

A.    HBA
B.    CIFS
C.    iSCSI
D.    EXT3

Answer: D

Which type of policy should a Citrix Engineer use to configure proxying of the ICA / HDX connection?

A.    Traffic
B.    Session
C.    Authentication
D.    Pre-authentication

Answer: B

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