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Scenario: An engineer has configured an SSL virtual server and has bound a service group of type HTTP containing several servers. The service group is UP but the virtual server is in a DOWN state. The engineer has verified that the SSL feature is enabled. What should the engineer do to ensure that the virtual server shows as UP?

A.    Add a monitor that checks for HTTP.
B.    Change the service group to type SSL.
C.    Bind an SSL certificate to the virtual server.
D.    Configure the service group to use port 443.
E.    Change the monitor for a larger time out period.

Answer: C

Users have reported that they are receiving a confusing error message related to SSL sessions when connecting from older browsers. How could the network engineer present this error to users in a customized format?

A.    Enable the SSL v2 protocol.
B.    Set a URL on the backup virtual server.
C.    Add a redirect URL to the virtual server.
D.    Configure SSL v2 Redirection for the virtual server.

Answer: D

A network engineer must determine which SSL protocols are enabled on a virtual server named SSL01. Which command could the engineer run to see this information?

A.    Show ssl stats
B.    Show server SSL01
C.    Show vServer SSL01
D.    Show ssl vserver SSL01

Answer: D

Scenario: When the NetScaler was set up, compression was enabled. The network engineer would like to disable compression ONLY for a particular virtual server. How could the engineer accomplish this?

A.    Uncheck Compression in the system basic features.
B.    Create a policy with a NOCOMPRESS action, bound to the global request point.
C.    Disable compression on the services or service groups bound to the virtual server.
D.    Create a policy with a NOCOMPRESS action, bound the virtual server Compression (request) point.

Answer: C

Which policy expression must an engineer use to enable compression for javascript files?

A.    HTTP.RES.BODY(0).CONTAINS(“javascript”)
B.    HTTP.REQ.BODY(0).CONTAINS(“javascript”)
C.    HTTP.RES.HEADER(“Content-Type”).CONTAINS(“javascript”)
D.    HTTP.REQ.HEADER(“Content-Type”).CONTAINS(“javascript”)

Answer: C

The purpose of pre-fetch in integrated caching is to automatically __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    refresh a cached object before expiring
B.    fetch objects from the forwarding cache before expiring
C.    retrieve all objects on a published website after a policy is applied
D.    retrieve an object in the expression from a website after a policy is applied

Answer: A

Scenario: A network engineer has created two selectors to use to populate a cache group in integrated caching. One selector, “Hit,” will determine what to add to the group. The other, “Inval”, will select what should be invalidated. Which command should the engineer run to create the cache group?

A.    add cache contentgroup CacheGroup1 -hitParams Hit -invalParam Inval
B.    add cache contentgroup CacheGroup1 -hitSelector Hit -invalSelector Inval
C.    set cache contentgroup CacheGroup1 – hitParams Hit -invalParam Inval -type HTTP
D.    set cache contentgroup CacheGroup1 -hitSelector Hit – invalSelector Inval -type HTTP

Answer: B

Scenario: An organization has recently been penetration-tested by a security company. The findings have indicated that the NetScaler device is responding to requests revealing web server information within the HTTP response headers. Which NetScaler feature can a network engineer use to prevent this information from being leaked to a potential malicious user?

A.    Rewrite
B.    Responder
C.    Web Logging
D.    URL Transformation

Answer: A

A NetScaler engineer would like to present different web pages to a user based on the device and browser type from which they are connecting. Which responder policy could assist with this requirement?

B.    HTTP.REQ.Host(“Host”)
C.    HTTP.RES.BODY(1024)
D.    HTTP.REQ.HEADER(“User-Agent”)

Answer: D

A company has a new CEO and wants to update their website with the new CEO’s name. What could the engineer do on the website while this modification is being made?

A.    Insert the new name on the header requests using Rewrite policies.
B.    Hide the current name on the header request using Rewrite policies.
C.    Delete the current name on the body response using Rewrite policies.
D.    Replace the current name on the body response using Rewrite policies.

Answer: D


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