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What should an administrator configure on a NetScaler to remove server-side compression and enable compression on the NetScaler?

A.    Disable the compression feature (disable ns fea cmp).
B.    Enable Compress Push Packet (set cmp parameter -cmpOnPush enabled).
C.    Enable Allow Server-Side Compression (set cmp parameter -serverCmp on).
D.    Disable Allow Server-Side Compression (set cmp parameter -serverCmp off)

Answer: D

Which page is displayed to the user if a catch-all policy is NOT defined on a content switching virtual server configured on the NetScaler?

A.    Users get an HTTP/1/.1 Error.
B.    Users get an Access Denied Page.
C.    The policy with the lowest priority gets evaluated.
D.    Users are redirected to the page configured in the redirectURL parameter of the CSVserver.

Answer: C

What can an administrator configure to perform a health check for a SVC1,which is transferring HTTPS traffic so that a probe is only sent when there is to traffic to the server?

A.    An HTTP monitor with the secure parameter selected
B.    An HTTP monitor with the transparent parameter selected
C.    An HTTP-Inline monitor with the secure parameter selected
D.    An HTTP-ECV monitor with the transparent parameter selected

Answer: C

Which feature must an administrator configure so that all transactions on a NetScaler which can be logged are logged by a syslog server?

A.    Device counters
B.    System counters
C.    HTTP transactions
D.    Audited commands

Answer: D

Scenario: A network administrator is deploying a NetScaler system in an environment with a single subnet using this IP information:
default gateway:
The administrator already set up the NSIP and MIP addresses using the command line interface.
Which command could the administrator use to complete this set up successfully?

A.    add route
B.    add route
C.    add route
D.    add route
E.    add route

Answer: B

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