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Scenario: An administrator needs to configure a NetScaler to provide access to users on an Exchange platform. The users will only use the IMAP4 protocol.
Which three features should the administrator configure for this scenario? (Choose three.)

A.    SSL Offload
B.    Compression
C.    Load balancing
D.    Health monitoring
E.    Integrated caching
F.    Route health injection

Answer: ACD

Scenario: An administrator configures load balancing in an environment to load balance a Web server. The administrator needs to enhance availability in the case that the virtual server goes down.
Which two options could the administrator configure to meet the load balancing needs for this environment? (Choose two.)

A.    Redirect URL
B.    Reverse monitoring
C.    Backup virtual server
D.    Content Switching virtual server

Answer: AC

Scenario: An Internal_Web virtual server is configured with two services named wserv1 and wserv2. The services have the default weight settings. A new company policy requires that the weight ratio between wserv1 and wserv2 be 10:1.
Which action could an administrator take to adjust the weight settings?

A.    Add wserv1 and wserv2 servers in the Servers tab.
B.    Modify Internal_Web virtual server in the Services tab.
C.    Modify wserv1 and wserv2 services in the Services tab.
D.    Add a metric table with wserv1 and wserv2 metrics in the Metric Tables tab.

Answer: B

Scenario: Management has requested monthly detailed performance reports for an online Web application. Management has also requested real-time monitoring of the environment with the possibility of exporting historical reports.
Which type of reporting or monitoring tool should an administrator use to meet the requirements of this scenario?

A.    SNMP
B.    Syslog
C.    Citrix Command Center
D.    NetScaler Insight Center

Answer: D

An administrator could generate a trace file using the __________ and the __________. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

A.    “” command at the NetScaler shell
B.    Diagnostics option in the Configuration Utility GUI
C.    “start nstrace” command at the command-line interface
D.    “” command at the command-line interface

Answer: BC

An administrator maintains a NetScaler environment that includes Secure Ticket Authority servers configured with custom ports.
Which two Secure Ticket Authority address formats could the administrator configure when using custom ports on the NetScaler Gateway virtual server? (Choose two.)

A.    http://STA1/citrix/ctxsta.dll

Answer: BC

An administrator needs to use the command-line interface to create a load-balanced virtual server for a Web server listening on port 80.
Which command could the administrator run at the command-line interface to accomplish this task?

A.    add vserver vServer-LB-1
B.    add lb vserver vServer-LB-1
C.    add vserver vServer-LB-1 HTTP 80
D.    add lb vserver vServer-LB-1 HTTP 80

Answer: D

An administrator needs to allow remote users to access their locally-installed corporate applications over a secure connection.
In order to meet this requirement, the administrator could configure __________ on the NetScaler. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

B.    ICA Proxy
C.    SSL Offload
D.    Clientless Access

Answer: A

An administrator must configure a NetScaler system to be compliant with security policies that require the Security Team to have the ability to provide the identity of all the connected users.
Which action could the administrator take to meet this requirement?

A.    Configure SNMP.
B.    Generate a Trace file.
C.    Configure an audit policy.
D.    Generate a Custom Report.

Answer: B

Which two actions should an administrator take to ensure the first NetScaler node configured in a high availability (HA) pair remains the primary node after a second node is added? (Choose two.)

A.    Set Stay Primary on the first node.
B.    Configure Stay Secondary on the second node.
C.    Enable HA Sync before adding the second node.
D.    Create a Route Monitor to ensure proper synchronization.
E.    Ensure that INC mode is enabled during creation of the HA pair.

Answer: AB

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