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An Citrix Administrator needs to create a catalog. Provisioning services-based virtual machines will be imported into the catalog. Which machine type must the administrator select when creating the catalog?

A.    Pooled
B.    Existing
C.    Streamed
D.    Dedicated

Answer: C

Which two methods could a Citrix Administrator use to ensure that users are able to launch multiple virtual desktop sessions? (Choose two.)

A.    Change the ‘Desktops per user’ setting in the delivery groups settings.
B.    Give the user multiple devices so that they can have a session open on each.
C.    Create two host connections from the Delivery Controller to different hypervisors.
D.    Create two delivery groups from the same catalog and assign the users to both delivery groups.

Answer: AD

A Citrix Administrator publishes an application but receives reports that the application is NOT visible in Receiver through StoreFront. Why is the application NOT visible to users?

A.    The application is disabled.
B.    The path to the executable is incorrect.
C.    There are some user groups NOT assigned to the application.
D.    There are NO available server OS machines in the machine catalog.

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is publishing a text editor for developers to use when they need to edit their configuration files. The administrator needs to ensure that the text editor launches when a developer attempts to open a configuration file. What should the administrator implement to ensure that the hosted application launches when a developer attempts to edit a configuration file?

A.    Application Security
B.    Applications Strings
C.    Content Redirection
D.    Advanced Access Control

Answer: C

Which action should a Citrix Administrator take to add pooled desktops with personal vDisk to an existing Provisioning Services farm?

A.    Use the XenDesktop Setup Wizard from the Provisioning Services Console.
B.    Create the virtual machines manually and import the target devices using a .CSV file.
C.    Create target devices in the Provisioning Services Console using the MAC addresses.
D.    Enable ‘Auto-Add’ in the Provisioning Services Console and start up the virtual machines from the network.

Answer: A

Which two components must an administrator install on a master image that will be used for streamed machines? (Choose two.)

A.    Receiver
B.    Online plug-in
C.    Virtual Desktop Agent
D.    Provisioning services target device

Answer: CD

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator uses Machine Creation Services to provision desktops in an environment. Productivity applications are installed locally into desktop OS machines. The administrator is instructed to update the productivity applications. Which action should the administrator take after updating the applications in order to ensure that users are provided with the updated applications?

A.    Update the master image then update the delivery group.
B.    Update the machine catalog then update the delivery group.
C.    Update the desktops then update the appropriate machine catalog.
D.    Update the master image then update the appropriate machine catalog.

Answer: D

Users report that when they work remotely on weekends, they experience noticeably longer desktop launch times. Which action should a Citrix Administrator take to resolve this issue?

A.    Set peak hours for the weekend.
B.    Analyze the logon times in Citrix Director.
C.    Schedule the weekend backups to run at night.
D.    Increase the number of active machines during the weekends.

Answer: D

Which two tools could a Citrix Administrator use to back up XenServer metadata? (Choose two.)

A.    Citrix Studio
B.    Citrix Director
C.    Citrix XenCenter
D.    XenServer Host Console
E.     XenServer Web Self Service

Answer: CD

Which command enables a Citrix Administrator to back up the XenServer pool configuration database?

A.    xe pool-ha-disable
B.    xe pool-sync-database
C.    xe pool-dump-database
D.    xe pool-restore-database

Answer: C

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