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You have a service that is used to schedule the delivery of products to local customers.
The service contains a resource group.
The resource group contains equipment that represents 10 delivery vans.
You need to ensure that you maximize the use of each delivery van. while performing as many dcllvenes as possible.
What should you configure?

A.    a selection rule as Least Busy
B.    the available capacity of the service scheduling rule
C.    the van work hours as non-overlapping
D.    a selection rule as Most Busy

Answer: D

You have an equipment resource for a forklift.
Several scheduling activities are configured to use the forklift.
The forklift breaks down and is sent for repairs.
You set the work hours for the forklift to unavailable.
You need to identify what will occur to the scheduling activities that require the forklift.
What should you identify?

A.    The scheduling activities will be added to a queue.
B.    The scheduling activities will continue as scheduled.
C.    The scheduling activities will be scheduled automatically for the next available time.
D.    The scheduling activities will be deactivated.

Answer: D

Your Dynamics CRM organization uses the interactive service hub.
You need to identify which security role must be assigned to you before you can create a new interactive dashboard.
What are two possible security roles that will achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Activity Feeds
B.    System Administrator
C.    System Customizer
D.    Customer Service Manager

Answer: C

You plan to create a service activity.
You need to identify which resources can be added to the service activity.
What are two possible resources that you can add to the service activity? Each correct answer presents a complete solution,

A.    a user
B.    a territory
C.    a business unit
D.    a facility

Answer: A

You have a Dynamics CRM organization.
You need to recommend which technology can be used to integrate CRM to a telephony system and to provide call scripts from within CRM cases.
Which technology should you recommend?

A.    Microsoft Parature
B.    the Engagement Hub
C.    the interactive service hub
D.    the Integrated Desktop Agent

Answer: D


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