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Vendor: Cisco
Exam Code: 350-080
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Which of these commands will allow you to set end-host mode for SAN connectivity?

A.    UCS-A # scope fc-uplink
UCS-A /fc-uplink # set mode end-host
UCS-A /fc-uplink* # commit-buffer
B.    UCS-A# scope eth-uplink
UCS-A /eth-uplink # set mode end-host
WarninG. When committed, this change will cause the switch to reboot
UCS-A /eth-uplink* # commit-buffer
C.    UCS-A# scope fabric-interconnect a
UCS-A /fabric-interconnect # set mode end-host
UCS-A /fabric-interconnect* # commit-buffer
D.    UCS-A# scope system
UCS-A /system* # set mode end-host
UCS-A /system* # commit-buffer

Answer: A

Which statement about the Layer 3 card on the Cisco Nexus 5500 Series Switch is true?

A.    BGP support is not provided, but RIP, EIGRP, and OSPF support is provided.
B.    Up to two 4-port cards are supported with up to 160 Gb/s of Layer 3 forwarding capability.
C.    Up to 16 FEX connections are supported.
D.    Port channels cannot be configured as Layer 3 interfaces.

Answer: C

Where are Cisco UCS vNICs created?

A.    In the blade BIOS
B.    In the operating system
C.    In the service profile
D.    In the card option ROM

Answer: C

Which two statements about end-host mode in SAN connectivity in a Cisco UCS environment are true? (Choose two.)

A.    End-host mode is synonymous with NPV mode.
B.    In end-host mode, only hard pinning of vHBAs to Fibre Channel uplink ports is allowed.
C.    Making configuration changes between Fibre Channel switching mode and end-host mode is nondisruptive.
D.    End-host mode is the default Fibre Channel switching mode.

Answer: AD

What is the appliance port used to connect to in a Cisco Unified Computing System?

A.    Fibre Channel storage
B.    UCS C-Series servers
C.    NFS storage
D.    UCS chassis
E.    Other fabric interconnect

Answer: C

Which are valid statements about Cisco Virtual Interface Card (VIC)? (Choose two.)

A.    The Cisco VIC can create an unlimited number of Virtual NICs.
B.    The number of vNICs on the Cisco VIC that can be created is determined by the number of chassis uplinks.
C.    vNICs are created using software on the host operating system.
D.    The host operating system sees a vNIC as a physical PCIe device.
E.    The host operating system sees a vNIC as a sub-interface of a primary NIC.
F.    The Cisco VIC can create 1024 vNICs.

Answer: BD

In a Cisco Unified Computing System, What is the “designated receiver” port in end-host mode used for?

A.    Sending all broadcasts
B.    Receiving all traffic from upstream switches
C.    Receiving broadcast traffic
D.    Negotiating spanning tree with upstream switches
E.    Learning MAC addres?ses from upstream switch?es

Answer: C

Given a Cisco Unified Computing System, which is a valid port type in end-host mode?

A.    Server
B.    End device
C.    Node
D.    Host
E.    Virtual

Answer: A

Given the following output:
san-port-channel 12 is up
Hardware is Fibre Channel
Port WWN is 24:0c:00:0d:ec:d3:5c:00
Admin port mode is NP, trunk mode is on
Port mode is NP
Port vsan is 1
Speed is 8 Gbps
Member[1] : fc2/3
Member[2] : fc2/4
What does “Speed is 8 Gbps” indicate?

A.    The speed of the slowest interface in the port channel
B.    The combined speed of all interfaces configured in the port channel
C.    The combined speed of all interfaces in the port channel that are up
D.    The speed that can be achieved if all buffers are used

Answer: C

Given a Cisco Unified Computing System, which is a valid port type in end-host mode?

A.    Trunk
B.    Physical
C.    Uplink
D.    Switch
E.    End host

Answer: C

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