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Which vCenter feature allows for QoS?

A.    Network Traffic Shaping
B.    Network vMotion
C.    vNetwork Distributed Switch
D.    vNetwork Standard Switch

Answer: C

You have been asked by your supervisor to define some virtualization terms for her.
She has asked about the difference between a bare-metal hypervisor and a host-based hypervisor.
What can you tell her?

A.    The bare-metal hypervisor is installed directly on the physical hardware, just like any other operating system
B.    The host-based hypervisor is used to virtualize server operating systems and server-based applications only.
C.    The bare-metal hypervisor can only be used with 32-bit hardware
D.    The host-based hypervisor is used when you want to virtualize UNIX and Linux-based applications.

Answer: A

Which two types of storage require switches that use Ethernet? (Choose two.)

A.    Fibre Channel
B.    NFS
C.    iSCSI
D.    InfiniBand

Answer: BC

You have been receiving complaints that the mail server has been slow.
You investigate and determine that a print server in the same storage location is using much of the bandwidth to the storage array.
Which feature will allow you to increase the priority of the mail server so that it meets the SLA defined for it?

A.    Storage I/O Control (SIOC)
B.    Storage vMotion
C.    Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)
D.    vSphere Data Protection

Answer: A

You are designing your virtual network.
Your network administrator has given you a list of features that he hopes are supported by vSphere. Which of the following features requires a distributed switch?

A.    Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
B.    VLAN tagging
C.    Jumbo Frames
D.    Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)

Answer: A

You are converting your physical servers into virtual machines.
One prospective virtual machine has an application that utilizes a 1.5 TB SAN LUN for data.
You are concerned that this new virtual machine would take too long to convert to a virtual machine. How can you configure the storage of this virtual machine to minimize the conversion time required to copy the data across the network?

A.    Place the new VM on a thin provisioned VMFS volume with other VMs
B.    Place the new VM on a shared VMFS datastore with other VMs
C.    Place the new VM on local storage available to only one ESXi host
D.    Deploy the new VM with a raw device mapping (RDM)

Answer: A

A large hospital has called you to consult on their new VMware deployment.
They are concerned about the management for the new virtual networks.
What can you tell them about the virtual switches?

A.    Standard switches can only be managed through the command line
B.    Distributed switches cannot be managed by using vCenter
C.    Standard switches can be managed through vCenter, or by going directly to the ESXi host
D.    Distributed switches can only managed through the physical ESXi server

Answer: A

What is a scalability challenge that vSphere can address?

A.    Virtual machines require less administration
B.    Servers can be overclocked to provide extra processing speed
C.    CPUs and Memory can be added to servers without an outage
D.    Virtual networks have more capacity than physical networks

Answer: C

You are explaining virtual machine storage to a colleague. She asks you where the virtual machine files are stored. What are the storage containers called in vSphere?

A.    VM Port Groups
B.    Clusters
C.    Data Centers
D.    Datastores

Answer: D

Your manager is concerned that there are too many physical servers to be managed by a single vCenter instance. What can you tell her to reassure her about the scalability of vCenter?

A.    vCenter can manage up to 1,000 physical servers and 10,000 virtual machines
B.    vCenter can manage up to 3,000 physical servers and 30,000 virtual machines
C.    vCenter is used only to manage an ESXi server on a one-to-one basis
D.    vCenter can manage up to 5,000 physical ESXi servers and 25,000 virtual machines

Answer: A


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