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Which statement is true about Service Providers and Service Profiles in Oracle Access Management Mobile and Social?

A.    A service Provider instance may or may not have a corresponding Service Profile instance.
B.    A Service Profile instance may or may not have a corresponding Service Provider instance.
C.    Each Service Provider instance requires at least onecorresponding Service Profile instance.
D.    One Service Profile cannot be assigned to multiple Service Domains.

Answer: C

What are the three main roles that can be adopted by Oracle Access Management and Oracle Fusion Middleware components when using the Identity Context?

A.    Publisher
B.    Consumer
C.    Propagator
D.    Generator
E.    Evaluator
F.    Authorizer

Answer: ACE

Identify three required steps for configuring OAM-OAAM basic integration.

A.    Set theOAAMEnabledproperty totrueinoam-config.xml.
B.    Target the OAAM JDBC data source to the OAM Managed Server.
C.    Protected a resource in an authentication policy using the OAAMBasic authentication scheme.
D.    Install SOA Suite and configure the UnifiedMessaging Service (UMS) delivery channel for One Time Pin (OTP).
E.    Install and configure Oracle Entitlements Server (OES).

Answer: ABC

Which statement is true about Oracle Access Manager 11g session management?

A.    Oracle Access Manager 11guses Coherence to reliably cache millions of user sessions simultaneously.
B.    Oracle Access Manager 11guses encrypted cookies that track the login time, authentication level, and the idle and maximum session times.
C.    Oracle Access Manager 11gsession information is stored in lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) directory.
D.    Oracle Access Manager11grequires an Oracle database to reliably store session information.

Answer: B

Identify two functions of the heartbeat check performed by Oracle Access Manager Access Servers.

A.    It checks if an LDAP store can be accessed.
B.    It check if a WebGate can beaccessed.
C.    It check if a session cache store can be accessed.
D.    It check if a policy store can be accessed.
E.    It check if a database can be accessed.

Answer: AD

Which two services can be enabled from the Oracle Access Management 11gR2 console?

A.    Identity Federation
B.    Oracle Adaptive Access Manager
C.    Mobile and Social
D.    Oracle Entitlements Server
E.    Oracle API Gateway

Answer: AD

View the Exhibits.
Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2
You have created a set of hierarchical resources in Oracle Entitlements Server and an associated set of authorization policies as shown in the Exhibits.
You execute a newQueryPepRequest in order to evaluate exactly which resources the weblogic user has access to.
Which three hierarchical resources can user access? (Choose three.)

A.    /Hier1
B.    /Hier1/a
C.    /Hier1/b
D.    /Hier1/a/i
E.    /Hier1/b/i

Answer: ABD

Your customer wants to use the information available in the Identity Context in their application to determine a user’s journey through various screens and functions.
One of the attributes they want to use is the Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM) risk score. They have deployed OAAM and think they have integrated it correctly into the Oracle Access Management platform. However, when their application interrogates Identity Context, none of the OAAM attributes are present.
Which three configuration settings should you check as part of troubleshooting the problem? (Choose three.)

A.    The OAAM propertyoracle.oaam.idcontext.enabledhas been set totrue.
B.    Oracle Access Manager is using the “OAAM Advanced” authentication scheme.
C.    The TAP token version is set to 2.1 in OAAM properties.
D.    The application has been given proper source code grants to access the Identity Context runtime.
E.    A configurable action has been defined in OAAM to generate the Identity Context attributes.
F.    Oracle Security Token Service has been configured to generate the Identity Contextassertion.

Answer: BDE

Which service does the Session Management Engine (SME) use internally to provide a high performance, distributed caching system, and to enable the monitoring and management of user sessions in real time?

A.    Oracle ADF
B.    Oracle Coherence
C.    WebGates
D.    Oracle Adaptive Access Manager

Answer: B
The Session Management Engine (SME) of Access Manager internally uses Oracle Coherence, a high performance distributed caching system, toenable the monitoring and management of millions of user sessions across the enterprise in real time. Oracle Coherence replicates and distributes session data across all Access Manager run-time servers in the cluster and also communicates changes from theconsole to the run-time servers. The location of a session is transparent to the client. All Oracle Coherence traffic is automatically encrypted and it also performs automatic failover and reconciliation. For example, if one of the nodes in a cluster fails, Oracle Coherence automatically distributes data from the failed node to the distributed in-memory caches of the other nodes in the cluster.

In an enterprise deployment, where are the binary and library files that are required for Oracle Access Management located? (Choose the best answer.)


Answer: D


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