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What determines which bits in an IP address represent the subnet, and which represent the host?

A.    Subnet
B.    unicast
C.    netmask
D.    multicast
E.    broadcast

Answer: C

Which two accurately identify features of a Solaris 10 branded zone?

A.    executes in a Solaris 10 global zone
B.    is created by importing a Solaris 10 flash archive
C.    enables Linux binary applications to run unmodified
D.    provides a complete runtime environment for Solaris 9 applications
E.    allows a Solaris 10 global zone to be migrated into a Solaris 10 non-global zone on a Solaris 11 system

Answer: AB

You are troubleshooting a newly installed desktop Oracle Solaris 11 system with a single network interface. From this system, you can connect to other systems within the company intranet, but cannot access any external services (such as websites and email), even when using IP addresses. Examining the routing table confirms that the default route to is missing. DHCP is not used at this site. Which two commands will temporarily mid permanently configure the default route?

A.    ipadm set-gateway
B.    route add default
C.    ipadm set-default
D.    dladm route-add –d
E.    echo >/etc/gateway
F.    echo >/etc/defaultrouter

Answer: BF

You want the system to generate an email notification each time one of the services has changed its state. Which option would send an email message to the system administrator whenever a service changes to the maintenance state?

A.    Use the setsc command in ALOM to enable the mail alerts to be sent to a specified email address
whenever the fault management facility detects a service change to the maintenance state.
B.    Make an entry in the /etc/syslog.conf file to instruct syslogd to send an email alert when it receives
a message from the SMF facility that a service has changed to the maintenance state.
C.    Use the svccfg setnotify command to create a notification and send an email when a service enters
the maintenance state.
D.    Use the scvadm command to enable the notification service. Set the -gmaintenance option on the
netnotify service to send an email when a service enters the maintenance state.

Answer: C

How are operating system updates distributed in the Oracle Solaris 11 environment?

A.    Updates are only available to customers with an active support contract. The updates are distributed
through the My Oracle Support web portal and installed in a central location. All software packages are
then updated manually from the command line using the smpatch command.
B.    Patches are download from http: //support.oracle.com either automatically or manually. All software
packages are then updated manually from the command line using the smpatch or patchadd commands.
C.    Software updates are published as packages to a repository. All software packages are then updated
manually from the command line using the pkg command.
D.    Software updates, published as packages to an OS image. All software packages are then updated
manually from the command line using the pkg command.

Answer: C

User jack, whose account is configured to use the korn shell, logs in and examines the value of his PATH environment variable:
jack@solaris: echo $PATH
There is a shell script in jack’s home directory called useradd:
-r-xr-xr-x 2 jack other 1239 2012-01-05 11:42 useradd
While in his home directory, jack attempts to run the script:
jack@solaris: useradd
What will happen, and why?

A.    He will get a “file not found” error, because the current directory is not in his seaech path.
B.    He will get a “file not found” error, because his home directory is not in his search path.
C.    The useradd script will execute, because jack is in the same directory that the script is located in.
D.    The command /user/sbin/useradd will execute, because it is the last match in the search path.
E.    The command /user/sbin/useradd will execute, because it is the first match in the search path.

Answer: D

User jack on host solaris attempts to use ssh to log in to host oracle and receives this message:
jack@solaris:~$ ssh oracle
ssh: connect to host oracle port 22: connection refused
What is the problem?

A.    Host oracle does not have a valid host public key.
B.    Host oracle does not have a valid host private key.
C.    Host solaris does not have a valid host public key.
D.    Host does not have a valid host private key.
E.    Host solaris is not configured for host-based authentication.
F.    Host oracle is not configured for host-based authentication.
G.    Host oracle is not running the ssh service.
H.    Host solaris is not running the ssh service.

Answer: G

When speaking in an Oracle Support Engineer, you are asked to verify the version of the Solaris 11 build currently running on your system. Which command would display the Solaris 11 build version currently running on your system?

A.    pkg info all
B.    cat /etc/release
C.    cat /etc/update
D.    prtconf | grep -i update
E.    pkg info entire

Answer: B

You need to configure an ISCSI target device on your x86 based Oracle Solaris II system. While configuring the iSCSI device, the following error is displayed:
bash: stmfadm: command not found
Which option describes the solution to the problem?

A.    The COMSTAR feature is not supported on the x86 platform. The feature is supported only on the
SPARC platform.
B.    Use the iscsitadm command on the x86 platform when configuring an iSCSI target.
C.    Install the storage-server group package on this system.
D.    Start the iSCSI target daemon on this system.

Answer: C

Your SPARC server will not boot into multi user-server milestones and you need to troubleshoot to out why. You need to start the server with minimal services running so that you can go through each milestone manually to troubleshoot the issue.
Select the option that boots the server with the fewest services running.

A.    boot -s
B.    boot milestone none
C.    boot -m milestone=single-user
D.    boot -m milestone=none
E.    boot -m none

Answer: D

user1 is attempting to assist user2 with terminating user2’s process 1234.
user1 entered the following: kill -9 1234
Why does the process continue to run?

A.    You can kill a process only if you are root.
B.    You can kill only a process that you own.
C.    You can kill the process only with the pkill command.
D.    You need to kill the process with a stronger kill signal.

Answer: B

Your server has one zone named dbzone (hat has been configured, but not yet installed). Which command would you use to view all the options that were used to configure this zone?

A.    zoneadm list -icv dbzone
B.    zones tat –c summary dbzone
C.    zonecfg –z dbzone info
D.    zonecfg -icv dbzone info

Answer: C

Your users are experiencing delay issues while using their main application that requires connections to remote hosts. You run the command uptime and get the flowing output:
1:07am up 346 day(s), 12:03, 4 users, load average: 0.02, 0.02, 0.01
Which command will be useful in your next step of troubleshooting?

A.    ipadm
B.    traceroute
C.    dladm
D.    snoop
E.    arp

Answer: B

When upgrading an existing system from Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11, what happens to the datalink names?

A.    They follow the default naming convention for the newly installed version.
B.    They maintain their names.
C.    They are called eth#.
D.    They are called el00g#.
E.    They are left unnamed, to avoid conflicts, and need to be renamed after the installation process is

Answer: A

You have installed software updates to a new boot environment (BE) and have activated that the booting to the new BE, you notice system errors. You want to boot to the last known good configuration. Which option would you use on a SPARC system to boot to the currentBE boot environment?

A.    boot -l currentBE
B.    boot -z rpool/ROOT/currentBE
C.    boot -a Enter the currentBE dataset name when prompted.
D.    boot rpool/ROOT/currentBE
E.    boot -m currentBE
F.    beadm activate currentBE

Answer: F
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