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You have assigned rights profiles directly to the uses frank and now you want to add another profile. Which command enables you to list profiles directly assigned to frank?

A.    userattr profiles frank
B.    profiles – p frank
C.    useratter -p frank
D.    profiles frank

Answer: B
http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26502_01/html/E36219/rights-1.html (see the example 9-1)

You are the administrator of on Oracle Solaris 11 Al server. You added a client. Then you created a custom manifest, custom criteria, and a custom profile for the client. You made an error in the package path within the custom manifest. When will the error appear?

A.    when the manifestis checkedduringclient preinstall
B.    when the manifestisused during clientinstall
C.    when the manifestis updated on theAIserver
D.    whenthemanifest is added to the AI server

Answer: D

A recursive snapshot was taken of the root pool and the snapshot streams are stored on a remote system. The boot disk has failed, has been replaced, and the root pool snapshots have been restored. Which two steps are still required to make the system bootable?

A.    Re-create the swap and dump devices.
B.    Install the boot blocks on the new disk.
C.    Restore the snapshot stream.
D.    Set thebootfsproperty on the root pool.
E.    Perform aZFSrollback to restore the file systems in the root pool.

Answer: CE

Which option lists default checkpoints for building an image using the Distribution Constructor?

A.    manifest-valid andba-init
B.    ba-arch and grub-setup
C.    transfer-ips-install and pre-pkg-img-mod
D.    pkg-img mod and create-usb

Answer: A

Which scheduling class distributes CPU resources among its processes based on assigned importance?

A.    FairShare Scheduler (FSS)
B.    Real-Time (RT)
C.    Fixed-priority (FX)
D.    Timesharing (TS)

Answer: A

You are tasked to reconfigure zone1 to use virtual interface vnic1 as its network interface. Which two steps must be included?

A.    Disable IP Filter andIPsec.
B.    Configure theNWAMNCPto Automatic.
C.    Change the shared IP zone to an exclusive IP zone.
D.    Reboot zonal so that changes made with zonecfq take effect.
E.    Fromthe global zone, set the IP address of vnic1and configure the default route.

Answer: CE

You configured the Fail Share Scheduler on a server, and you defined CPU shares for two nonglobal zones. You now need to apply shares to the global zone. The configuration needs to be persistent across a reboot operation. Which utility will you use?

A.    prctl
B.    priocntl
C.    zonecfg
D.    dispadmin

Answer: D

At which two stages are backups of the service configuration repository made?

A.    during boot, after the early-manifest-import service finishes
B.    during boot, before the manifest-import service starts
C.    during manifest import, before the manifest-import service finishes
D.    during manifest import, after the manifest-import service finishes
E.    when a service is modified using the svccfg command
F.    after the last successful boot
G.    when the svcadm refresh command is executed

Answer: DF

There is a valid SMF manifest located underneath the /var/svc/manifest directory. Which four methods can be used to add it to the services repository?

A.    Reboot the system.
B.    Restart the early-manifest-import service.
C.    Use the svccfg apply command.
D.    Restart the manifest-import service.
E.    Use the svccfg import command.

Answer: BCDE

Which two actions permit the system-log service to receive messages from a remote Solaris host?

A.    setting the propertyconfig/log_from_remoteto true and restarting the service
B.    setting the property config/log_from_remoteto*.noticoand restart the service
C.    configuring a selector for remote messages in the /etc/syslog.conf file
D.    ensuring thatport 514 is open to remote traffic and doesn’t require a password

Answer: AD
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